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What Is A USDA Loan?

USDA Loans are offered through Rural Housing Services (RHS) and are available for rural properties and borrowers who meet certain income requirements. It is a government-backed loan, which, like VA loans, does not require a down payment. Borrowers are required to pay a guarantee fee up-front and for the life of the loan. USDA loans can only be used for primary residences.

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Top four reasons
to get a USDA loan

USDA loans are beneficial for those interested in purchasing rural property.

No Down Payment

USDA loans provide 100% financing for borrowers, which means no down payment is required.

Low Income Requirements

The USDA program is specifically designed for low to moderate income households. You don't need a high income to qualify!

Low MI Premiums

USDA loans have lower mortgage insurance (MI) premiums than other loan products. This is another way USDA loans provide long term savings.

Lower Interest Rates

Like VA loans, interest rates on USDA loans tend to be lower than for conventional products. This translates to lower monthly payments.

USDA Loan Qualification Requirements

The basic eligibility requirements for a USDA loan include:


Your income must be within the USDA income limits. The income limits vary by county and the number of persons residing in the home.


Your property must be located within a USDA-approved region to qualify for a USDA loan. People are surprised to find that 97% of American land qualifies as 'rural' by USDA standards!

Citizenship and Residency

You must be a US Citizen or Permanent Resident to qualify.

Good Credit

You must have a minimum credit score of 640 to qualify for a USDA loan.

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